You might think that it is intuitively obvious to be customer focused or even customer-centric by placing the customer at the heart of your business.  However whilst must businesses clearly articulate this ambition in their mission or vision statements they often lack the ability to be customer-centric. To highlight this point I normally ask leadership teams to describe how they are customer-centric or how they put the customer first; the majority can identify ambition but confuse this with ability.


One of the major problems with a customer-centric approach is the lack of a true customer focus at board level. In addition to this we must also consider all the customers the business has, i.e. everyone who transacts with the business in a hope of receiving a valued return.  I use the acronym SCOPE to describe these groups as they often include Sppliers, Consumers, Owners, Partners and Employee. When developing a customer strategy we need to include all of these groups.


If you feel that you need to give your customers an independent voice at your board meetings or be part of your strategy planning get in touch to hear how I can help.

Customer Mindset

Businesses operate to serve a broad range of customers; we just need to identify them.

Companies compete by delivering value to customers; we just need to know what they value.

Value is measured through experiences; we just need to understand them.

We must change and adapt to survive; must understand physical and emotional change.

People make the real difference; they make everything happen.

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