Wellbeing - Measurement, Management & Reporting

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It is widely accepted that the challenges of workplace wellbeing and mental health creates significant human and financial costs and the COVID pandemic has only exacerbated this position.


The employee wellbeing market is rapidly expanding to meet rising demand for solutions due to pre- and post-pandemic employee wellbeing issues.  Poor wellbeing measurement, management and reporting costs the UK economy over £40 billion perannum and results in chronic absenteeism, presenteeism, occupational and organisational risk, loss of productivity and damage to an employer’s reputation as an ethical organisation.  

The KAYA Wellbeing Index​ allows organisations to measure, manage and report employee wellbeing at the individual employee level. The Index identifies idiosyncratic employee wellbeing issues through a short online questionnaire and using a proprietary behavioural algorithm creates a trackable wellbeing score that when aggregated with other employee scores provides a benchmarkable team and/or company score.

By adopting our Wellbeing Index employers can show employees that their individual wellbeing is of paramount importance, help them manage and improve it, and demonstrate wellbeing investments are positively impacting employee wellbeing and business performance.

Measure you wellbeing levels here, it takes 3 minutes to set up.

Wellbeing Pulse Survey

This Wellbeing dedicated survey is how we collect wellbeing data and track your employee, team and company wellbeing.  Wellbeing is indexed and improvements correlated with initiatives, providing a demonstrable and reportable return on wellbeing.  This is especially useful for those responsible for managing wellbeing.

KAYA Wellbeing Index

The index measures employee wellbeing and identifies employee wellbeing issues through a short online questionnaire.  Using a proprietary behavioural algorithm it creates a wellbeing score that can be benchmarked against other team and/or company scores.  

Wellbeing Scorecard

The cost of poor wellbeing can be considerable however significant improvements can be made when the correct wellbeing solutions are identified.  Our wellbeing scorecard helps organisations identify where their wellbeing support is working and where it is required.

Wellbeing Management System

Our Wellbeing Management System stores survey results and wellbeing challenges which allows organisations and their employees to manage  individual wellbeing challenges and when resolved demonstrate quantitively that employee wellbeing has improved via the Wellbeing Pulse Survey.