How I can help...

Even great leaders needs help or support from time to time. I'm here to help provide that support and guidance. But you certainly don't need me to tell you how to run your day to day operations, you know your status quo better than I do. 


What I will do is challenge the way you think in order to help you improve, develop and evolve.  I offer a bespoke training and consulting service centred on the development of the six mindsets of Thinking Differently.  Whether you want me to teach your teams how to Think Differently or get more involved and help you develop the answers it is up to you.


I will provide you with an independant unbiased view of how your business is performing. I have one rule; if you don't want me to answer your questions; don't ask them. I promise I will tell you straight what works, what doesn't and what is simply bonkers.  And I have seen a lot of bonkers!


I have helped save my clients over £5 million through business improvement activities and programmes, grown their businesses by securing over £600 million in new business wins and delivered over £10 million in evolutionary  and strategic change.  


Even if you are prepared for a journey, if you don't know where you are already lost!  

Think! Process

  • Process Improvement

  • Business Process Modelling

  • Operational Waste

Think! Customer

  • CRM & Customer-centric Strategy

  • Customer Profitability Analysis

  • Customer SCOPE Profiling

Think! Value

Think! Experience

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Sources of Value

  • Satisfaction Surveys

Think! Change

  • Change Programme Management

  • Business Case Development

  • Change Readiness

Think! People

  • Behavioural Styles

  • Motivation & Goal Setting

  • Business Mental Toughness

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