Mental Toughness & Copability

The current economic climate has placed a tremendous amount of pressure on businesses and their staff to perform and as a result the number of lost workdays associated with stress and mental illness has become a significant burden upon many businesses.  To combat this issue business researchers like myself have looked into non-business areas for possible solutions.  One such area is sport and more specifically the stress coping benefits of mental toughness.


Now whilst sport and business have their similarities we cannot just train business professionals in sporting mental toughness and expect the same benefits, we need to develop their Business Mental Toughness (or copability) and ensure that they use it to inspire and not intimidate (which is a key part of sporting mental toughness). 


My business mental toughness coaching is an adaptation of sporting mental toughness that enhances copability and leadership skills and was developed as part of my doctoral studies at Manchester BusinessSchool.  The coaching sessions I deliver are designed to develop mental toughness within business professionals not sports people.  Through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions particpant review their own performances and performance requirements in order to develop a set of cognitive and behavioural skills that enable them to harness the stress coping benefits of mental toughness as well learn how to lead through inspiration rather than intimidation.


If you would like to know more about BMT coaching and how it can help you and your teams cope with the stress and pressure of leadership and improve performance please complete the contact form opposite and we can set up a meeting.

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