Process Mindset

"If you can't described what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing".  W. Edwards Deming


Having a process mindset is centred on understanding how a business operates and how through the interaction of processes and people your business creates value for your customers.  A process mindset dictates that processes are defined and assigned owners (employees who are responsible and accountable for the efficiency and effectiveness of particular processes) and process peformance is measured and analysed to determine waste and variation.  


Once measured and understood processes can be controlled and managed. A process mindset provides business manager with clear insight into the way in which their business operates. Those who possess this insight have the ability to understand and predict the impact of process change.


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If you want to run a Process Mindset workshop please click here.  Workshop topics include, Process Definitions, Process Mapping, Process Ownership and Process Metrics.

Businesses operate to serve a broad range of customers; we just need to identify them.

Companies compete by delivering value to customers; we just need to know what they value.

Value is measured through experiences; we just need to understand them.

We must change and adapt to survive; must understand physical and emotional change.

People make the real difference; they make everything happen.

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